Andrew Dicus (Co-Chair)

Andrew Dicus’s interests include political thought in literary and philosophical texts associated with the enlightenment, eighteenth-century theories of disease and contagion, and trans-Atlantic cultural identities. He is currently writing a dissertation on eighteenth-century notions of collective identity.

Contact: adicus [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot] edu

Shang-yu Sheng (Co-Chair)

Contact: shangyusheng [at] gmail [dot] com

Kristina Huang (Co-Chair)

Kristina Huang is a fourth-year doctoral student. Her academic interests include seventeenth- and eighteenth- century British literature, critical race studies, Atlantic studies, Milton, and masculinity studies. For more information about her work, click here.

Contact: khuang [at] gc [dot] cuny [dot] edu

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